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This site provides useful resources that helps you with your retirement. Do you want to know how much you need to save in order to retire the way you want? Do you know what types of options exist for you for when you need in house or retirement home care?

Use the free tool below to get you an idea of the types of retirement living options.

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Years Before Retirement Home Living
Enter how many years you plan to live before you enter retirement home living.

Current Total Cash Assets
Enter your current total estimated cash assets (cash, retirement accounts, liquid stocks and funds). Assumes invested in some interest yielding account(s).

Anticipated Annual Savings Contribution Before Retirement
Enter your estimated annual savings you will save each year prior to retirement living. Assumes contribution at the end of each year.

Home Purchase Price
The purchase price of your home (required to calculate amount subject to income tax for any home sale profits)

Home Value At Retirement
The value of your home if you sold it at your retirement.

Remaining Mortgage Outstanding
The remaining mortgage on your home you have outstanding to the bank if any at retirement

Anticipated Years In Retirement
Enter how many years you plan to live in retirement

Fixed Monthly Income At Retirement(pre tax)
Enter your estimated monthly income from pensions, social security, etc. (do not enter income you anticipate from stock or other investments which will be entered separately)

Monthly Bills At Retirement
Enter the amount you anticipate paying for required monthly bills such as utilities, health insurance premiums, etc.

Disposable Monthly Spending Money
Enter the amount you want for monthly spending to pay for food, travel, gifts, etc.

General Assumptions

These are general assumptions made based on typical user scenarios. You can change the values as applies to your situation.

Home Sale Selling Fee Percentage
This typically covers real estate selling fees up to 6% and 2% for house selling preparation fees.

Deduction Allowed for Home Sale Profits
Amount allowed by the IRS for married filing jointly couples to deduct from home sale profits (please check latest IRS publications for actual amount allowed)

Annual Investment Growth Rate Before Retirement
If you have investments in stocks, 401K, etc. - this would be the average anticipated growth rate per year of your investments before your retirement home living.

Income Tax Rate At Retirement
This would be your estimated tax rate at retirement based on your retirement income.

Annual Inflation Rate
Anticipated annual inflation rate over the course of your retirement (not currently used in any calculations).

Annual Investment Growth Rate At Retirement
If you have investments in stocks, 401K, etc. - this would be the average anticipated growth rate per year of your investments.

Hourly Cost for In Home Nursing Care
Costs per hour may vary based on number of hours required.

This site is for high level estimating only and may contain out of date or inaccurate information. Please consult your tax advisor/IRS before making any actual financial decisions. This site and site owners hold no liability in the accuracy of the data presented. By clicking on the "Calculate" button below you agree to these terms.